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A Guide to Success with Math is a guide to understanding and teaching math based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach for Literacy Instruction. 

For some students, mathematics is a road traveled in small steps. 

A successful multisensory approach leads the student through small increments of understanding toward unifying themes in mathematics. Student’s strengths and needs must be recognized and addressed with built-in “checks for error,” as well as a built-in system for building confidence and competence.

The OG interactive, cognitive approach for learning math enables students to develop more effective ways of thinking about math and applying new skills.


  • 1: How We Learn Math
  • 2: Why Should We Consider a Different Approach?
  • 3: Focus on Number Sense
  • 4: Whole Numbers
  • 5: Place Value 10 and Higher
  • 6: Addition and Subtraction
  • 7: Multiplication and Division
  • 8: Basic Fraction Concepts
  • 9: Time and Money
  • 10: Problem Solving
  • 11: Guidelines for Technology
  • 12: Focus on Understanding and Success
  • 13. Download the Complete Book

Marilyn Wardrop

Marilyn Wardrop has been involved with teaching children with dyslexia and learning disabilities over 25 years. She has designed and taught Orton Gillingham Multisensory Math Training Courses which combine a unique approach to help teachers be successful teaching students who struggle to learn math or students learning math for the very first time.

OG Academic Math Training courses are designed to provide teachers, instructional support staff, Orton-Gillingham practitioners and parents with hands-on, interactive math training that leads to direct success with their math students.

Marilyn lives near Vancouver in Canada but has taught the OG Academic Math Approach to teachers and educational professionals from the USA, Canada and around the world from New York to Hong Kong and the Philippines, to Brazil and the Middle East how to apply OG Academic Math.

Marilyn Wardrop