Introduction to Algebra

OG Academic Math - The Orton-Gillingham Math Approach

The Introduction to Algebra with OG Academic Math follows the approach taught in the OG Academic Math, Basic Concepts Training Course, and extends the approach to introductory algebra. 

It provides a foundation and a springboard for Orton Gillingham Math students to confidently begin the subject of algebra. 

Follow along with the interactive, multisensory demonstration videos.

Receive your certificate for the 30-hour OG Math instructional course following 100% completion of the course. 

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Introduction to Algebra - Course Contents

Recommended prerequisite: The OG Academic Math Basic Concepts Course

  • Part 1 The OG Academic Math Three-part Instructional Strategy
  • Part 2 Scope and Sequence - How and Why
  • Part 3: Introduction to Integers
  • Part 4 Positive and Negative Integers
  • PART 5 Comparing Integers
  • PART 6 Negative Numbers
  • Part 7 Addition with Integers
  • Part 8 Subtracting Integers
  • Part 9 Multiplying Integers
  • Part 10 Dividing Integers
  • Part 11 Exponents
  • Part 12. Introduction to Algebra
  • Part 13. Addition & Subtraction
  • Part 14 Algebraic Expressions
  • Part 15 Solving for Variables
  • Part 16: Division
  • Part 17: The OG Math Lesson Plan
  • 18. Additional Resources


Donna Cole

Orton-Gillingham (OG) Multisensory math Instructor

Donna Cole has been an instructor, trainer and practicum supervisor for the OG Academic Math Training Courses since 2004. While Donna integrated Orton - Gillingham literacy instruction into English and Social Studies subjects, Math remained her passion and her focus as she supported ‘at risk’ secondary school students in the Surrey SD36 Learning Centre. Donna is a certified Orton-Gillingham Language and Math practitioner. She is a member of the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors (Orton-Gillingham) or CATT OG. First and foremost, Donna has a passion for her family which includes her adult children, her precious grandsons, and a canine best friend named Bourbon.