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Every school has  grade level math curriculum available that will detail the skills to be taught each year.  But sometimes  parents and teachers want a condensed outline  for which math skills once mastered, will provide a firm foundation for the next grade level. 

The accomplishments listed in your 10 page copy of AN ADULT’S GUIDE TO MATHEMATICS FOR CHILDREN, The bare minimum in concepts and computation are meant to be completed by the end of each grade level (preschool to grade 8). This list has been compiled from standard texts as well as through my personal experience in teaching. 

The tasks represent those that the average child should be learning in each grade whether in school or through homeschooling lesson. School curriculum will often vary from one school district, state or province to another. 

 Before working with children with previous math difficulties, ensure basic skills are intact from previous grades. 

Children with a aptitude for math should be encouraged to work well beyond this level. 

This guide was designed to help me drill down to the essential numeracy skills, math concepts and operations that my students need in order build a firm foundation going forward to higher grades.

It is not a recommendation for a new curriculum, and it is not a criticism of any curriculum. I am not a curriculum expert.  I just know what the foundational skills that will help my students move forward in math with competency and confidence


The bare minimum in concepts and computation.