Why Do We Need To Learn (& Teach) Math

Math is All Around Us. It is simply a science of patterns and relationships

  • Required for reading a clock, balancing a cheque book and modifying a recipe

  • Provides relevance to 10% battery left on your favorite tablet or electronic device

  • Creates an environment for creating reasonable assumptions and decisions

Free Introductory Basic Concepts Course

Why this course exists

Hello, I’m Marilyn Wardrop, author of A Guide to Success with Math based on the Orton Gillingham Approach to Literacy Instruction. 

I developed the OG Academic Math Approach for teaching students who struggle with math. My book and courses are dedicated to helping teachers, learning support staff, tutors, learning therapists, Orton Gillingham Practitioners and parents find success teaching their children and students foundational math skills.

When I was struggling to teach my students who did not learn and retain basic math skills, I realized it was not their fault at all. 

I recognised that it was my responsibility to develop and teach a way to learn math that would work for them. It's been many years in development,  blending and researching what worked, and then fine tuning the approach so it was easy for teachers and all instructors to implement and use. 

The new teaching model, OG Academic Math needed to be a good match for the unique learning styles of many struggling math students. 

I set out to create a model that would teach them once and for all, using a multi-sensory, engaging, interactive approach for teaching math.  That means students are actually accomplishing each step in a hands-on fashion and not just listening to math instruction and being asked to replicate it using just rote memory with pencil and paper. 

Most importantly, the OG Academic Math instruction is FUN, 

Fun to teach and fun to learn!

And I discovered it is even more effective with young children who are learning math for the first time and haven't had to grapple with failure in math class.  

Free Introductory Basic Concepts Course

Free Introductory Basic Concepts Course

Learn How to help your students be successful with OG Academic Math