OG Academic Math is the "Key to Learning" for your struggling math students.

OG Math Basic Concepts Training  is Marilyn Wardrop’s, 6-week training course for new teachers, Orton-Gillingham practitioners, education assistants, administrators, learning support teachers, home-school instructors and parents.

Training videos release each week for six weeks once you enroll, but you have access to the course for one full year and can go at your own pace.

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Marilyn takes you in depth into:

  • Week 1

    Discover the 12 reasons that math is so difficult for some students and learn the 3 steps that form the foundation of the OG Multisensory Math Approach, so you can start integrating OG Math ideas into your daily math lessons.

  • Week 2

    Build full participation lessons. You will learn to bridge to the addition concept with new vocabulary and stories.

    Connect important math words to basic math concepts. Activate math confidence with math lessons that guarantee your students’ success.

    Discover how the Language of Math and math vocabulary impacts your students’ deep understanding and retention of math concepts and basic facts.

  • Week 3

    How the OG Math Scope and Sequence facilitates a smooth transition from addition to subtraction and later on from multiplication to division. This answers how you can begin building a seamless connection to word problems.

    How to build a seamless OG Math Lesson Plan. Now that you know the basic OG Math techniques, you'll learn the process to create a plan that guarantees your students full participation.

    You will link new math ideas to those you have currently introduced to your students. You’ll learn thefive parts to every OG Math lesson. You'll get the same step-by-step blueprint Marilyn has used with her students!

  • Week 4

    How to develop a natural multisensory transition from addition to subtraction steps. Subtraction is often a stumbling block for students who struggle or those learning math for the first time. Not with OG Math!

    Once you’ve mastered subtraction, we’ll take these concepts higher and into multi-digit addition and subtraction.

    How one powerful strategy puts students at ease with word problems. You know how frustrating it can be to try and guide some students through word problems. Often it is you leading your student through the process because it is not automatic for the student – yet!  Probably they don't know where to start. Most important of all, this step-by-step process is easy to teach and simple for students to practice independently or in groups.

  • Week 5

    We take a look at advanced lesson planning and Dynamic Assessment with OG Academic Math. Once you know the OG Math Approach and methods, you will be ready to use them with OG Academic Math Assessments that pin-point specific areas of math difficulty, so you can be ready to address them.

    Learn how to use OG Math Journals and Reflections with your students.

  • Week 6

    How to teach multiplication and division the OG Math way!

    Advance to 2 and 3 digit concepts with OG Math.

    Next steps: How to make the most of your OG Math Training.

    OG Math Ambassadors: How to use your personal OG Math coach.

    Receive your certificate for the 30-hour OG Math instructional course.

    OG Math Course Certificate of Completion

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We want you to be successful. You're here looking for a way to help your students with math difficulties, so we know you are motivated to learn a new approach. Marilyn stands behind her OG Math courses. 

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