About the Course

Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach (OG) for reading instruction, this interactive hands-on training introduces you to a multisensory approach for achieving mastery of primary and intermediate level math concepts.  The OG interactive, cognitive approach for learning math enables students to develop more effective ways of thinking about math and applying new skills.
  • requires students to consciously “think” through processes which might be quite automatic for most children.
  • is a success oriented program in which the students work at levels appropriate to their abilities. Teachers provide needed instruction and create opportunities for practice in carrying skills to functional use.
  • uses a multi-sensory technique. This means that the student will feel the motion of the hand touching, moving and building math concepts with concrete materials. At the same time the student will see, verbalize and hear how the math concept is developed and problems can be solved.
  • builds in a structural and sequential way in order to fill any gaps in the child’s knowledge of math functions, vocabulary and problem solving. Therefore, students develop adequate math skills to become independent.
  • includes an approach to the language of math which stresses the use of the intellect.
  • emphasizes teaching to individual needs.
  • teaches patterns of thought, i.e. the process needed to perform math functions and problem solving correctly, not just memorizing facts.
About the Course
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  • Private Access Online Introductory Pre-course Study Program

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  • A Guide to Success with Math

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    Your Digital OG Math resource and course text based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach.
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    Hands-on interactive learning is the very best way to retain and implement math learning and knowledge!