OG Academic Math Coaches believe in our mission.

We want to create a healthier and happier math learning environment where teaching and learning basic math skills is successful, interactive, engaging and fun!

Our OG Math Coaches help us empower YOU, our classroom and special education teachers, tutors, therapists and parents everywhere, to teach basic math skills to students who struggle with math or those learning math for the first time. Whether you are a classroom teacher, OG practitioner, or parent teaching your child at home, you are all teachers.

Your OG Math Coach will help you make learning math one of the most successful activities for your children and  students.

Your OG Math Ambassador is available during your 60 minute session to provide OG Math implementation tips and answer yourquestions about getting started with the OG Academic Math Basic Concepts Training Course.

Your sessions may be provided using Skype, email or telephone, whichever communication option is mutually fitting for you and your OG Math Ambassador.

The Process to claim your 60 minute session is easy. 

  1. Complete the OG Academic Math Basic Concepts Training Course.
  2. Contact OG Academic Math by email here.
  3. The OG Math Coordinator will provide you with a list of your OG Math Ambassador's available times.
  4. You will receive confirmation once your session with your Math Ambassador is confirmed. 
  5. Mark your session in your calendar. You don't want to miss your special opportunity. 
  6. Make some notes so that you will make the best use of your time with your Math Ambassador.

Tips to make the best use of your Ambassador session:

  1. Keep a notepad to jot down your questions after your lessons.
  2. Review your notes before your planning and implementation session.
  3. Revise your list. Often as you practice and teach OG Math, your questions may be answered.
  4. Make an updated list and highlight your most burning issues!
  5. Remember we want to help. All questions are valid.